The Peculiar Pelican

The Peculiar Pelican, more commonly The Pelican, is a tavern and inn on the outskirts of town. It’s frequented by strange and varied clientele.
An old man, a retired wizard, came across the town while looking for a place to settle down. He was quickly charmed by the quirky and diverse population of such a small town. He is particularly fond of the couple who run the local magic shop, Mr. and Mrs. Pocket. Since they have magic in common, they often talk about it, and Oren buys and sells things from the shop often. Mrs. Pocket is slightly insane in a harmless way, and one of her many quirks is that she wears a hat made from a stuffed pelican. The pelican’s head and beak were preserved and stuck out over the side of the hat, which looked altogether shabby and odd. Oren felt that this hat embodied the absurd charm of the town, and resolved to name his tavern after it.
Old Man Oren
The owner of the Peculiar Pelican, an old human wizard. Somewhat mysterious, seems to know many of the stranger patrons. High level and can easily kill all PCs. Because he is so powerful, there are never any serious conflicts inside the tavern. “Take it outside.” Outside, however, he doesn’t not particularly care who does what. He takes care of his own, but otherwise just wants to be left alone.
Scoria (The Wench)
Concise Appearance
Approaching your table is a young woman in a black and white dress who appears to be the serving wench. She has black hair, black eyes, and smooth gray skin. Her pointed ears are adorned with many piercings. You notice a pair of small black horns on her head, and a long whip-like tail she curls and uncurls unconsciously as she examines you. “Hungry?” she says directly, in a tone neither friendly nor unfriendly.

Detailed Description
Appearance: A tiefling. About 5’9 feet tall.

Face: Black eyes (no iris), black wavy hair, smooth gray skin. Attractive, somewhat sharp features, pretty in an odd way. Pointed ears with several small brass hoops piercing each, small black horns stick up an inch above her head and curl back slightly.

Body: Average build, attractive but neither exceptionally slender nor busty. Two fingers and a thumb on each hand. She has a whip-like tail which she curls and uncurls as she’s thinking. She also carries things with her tail. Wears a black dress with white trim. her pointed ears have many piercings. She wears a red, hexagon pendant around her neck which hangs from a black leather cord.

Personality: Shrewd, perceptive, somewhat secretive. Kind to those who are kind to her, defensive and nasty to those who insult her. She easily becomes angry when someone calls her “hell-spawn”. She is used to being bullied and reacts hostilely.

Scoria does not want to get involved in other peoples’ conflicts. Like Oren, she is content to be left alone. The exception is that she does not like to see others bullied in her presence and will give bullies a tongue-lashing.

She knows a lot because many people come through the tavern. If you intimidate, she will immediately call for the owner, who will step in and threaten you in return. Diplomacy and charm work well and will give most information freely if asked politely, except information about herself. She does not trust easily. Responds favorably to polite flirting, but very poorly to lewd sexual comments. She may even slap someone who offends her enough.

The owner and Scoria have something like a father-daughter relationship. He is protective of Scoria. She tried to steal from him shortly after he retired and opened the tavern. He caught her. She hurled abuse at him, thinking all humans were hateful, but he took it calmly, told her she had a lovely face and asked her if she would like to be a wench. He helped teach her to value herself for who she decides to be, instead of feeling like she’s evil because of her demonic lineage. He is currently teaching her to paint.

Some non-ugly tiefling pics:

The Peculiar Pelican

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